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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Services
SEO Services By Hale Associations
Search engine optimization is crucial for your website. In a time where SEO is so competitive, having an expert SEO company is important to your success. At Hale Associations, we value and honor your business. We completely understand the importance of search engine optimization and web development. It doesn't matter if you're new to the online world or you've been established online for years, we have the resources to improve your rankings in search engines. Best of all, all of our clients receive 24/7 SEO support, free evaluations and free audits for the lifetime of your agreement with us. That's just a few of the benefits you receive at Hale Associations.
SEO services can cost upward of $2,000 dollars or more. For some companies, there's no room to budget search engine optimization services. At Hale Associations, we offer affordable SEO services. Our SEO packages start out at $599.99 a month. We can even do your SEO on budget. Granted, your results may take longer to turn around on budget services but it gets you started on your SEO issues. Although we recommend having a budget of $1,000, we can help with lower budgets.
Our SEO services at Hale Associations include all elements that contribute to SEO rankings. Keyword research, link building, meta descriptions, headings, titles, sitemaps, product descriptions and SEO writing are just a few of SEO services offered at Hale Associations. Hale Associations offers a variety of different web development services at affordable prices, such as web design, analytics, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising and business planning. We're your leading source in web development and business management.
It doesn't matter if you're a small business or have a small private business, Hale Associations can help. Our team of web specialist and experts are here to help your website and business succeed. There's a lot of SEO companies and SEO experts out there that pass on your needs. You'll never be done like that with us. We are different, your project won't be passed along from one SEO to another. We follow a detailed plan that has shown proven results of success based on our case studies that date back 7 years ago when CEO Richard Hale began working as a SEO. Although there's aspects of search engines that we can't control, we can guarantee you that we'll increase your rankings and traffic.
If you're struggling with traffic and rankings, we can help. Contact us today by phone or by email. You can also visit our website for complete details. We always respond within an hour and can usually perform your free audit and evaluation in the same day. Call now (304) 752-3433 or (304) 601-6608. Send emails to

Monday, April 14, 2014

Adding Custom Robot.txt In Blogger

Adding a robot.txt file to Blogger
Robot.txt In Blogger
If you're looking to add Robot.txt to your blog at Blogger, this article will guide you through the process and show you the correct text to add to your robot.txt. There's several different ways to optimize your blog in Blogger. Having a correct robot.txt file is an important element. I'm going to walk you through the entire process right now.
First, what is a robot.txt file and why do I need one to optimize my blog in Blogger? Your robot.txt file is important because it is a guide for the search engines. Your robot.txt file is going to tell the search bot what you want read and what you don't want included. The robot.txt file will help search engines read through your blog and index your blog. It's very important and every website should have a robot.txt file stored.
Now, the very first thing you want to do is go to your blog list and choose the appropriate blog title to add the robot.txt file. Let's do this now.
How to add a robot.txt file in blogger
After you choose the correct blog that you want to add the robot.txt file to, you want to scroll down on your left menu to settings. You'll see a list of options under settings, you want to go to "search preferences." Click on the link.
robot.txt in blogger
After you follow the link to search preferences, you'll be brought up to a page that controls all search related inquires. It's important to note that if you don't have your meta description filled out, you should add it since you're already here. You'll need to turn this feature on. This will also turn on the description feature for each individual blog post. You'll now have the ability to add meta descriptions to all your post in Blogger. If you do to post a blog, if you look at the right side menu, you'll see a search option now. This is where you add your meta description in Blogger. Very important.
Ok. Next, you want to scroll down to the second to last option. You'll see an option field for custom robot.txt. This is exactly what you're are looking for. This is where you add your robot.txt to Blogger.
blogger robot.txt file
If you refer to the picture above, you can see that I've added a my code to my robot.txt file. I know the picture is a little hard to read. If you look below, you'll see the same exact code that you need to add to your robot.txt file. The ONLY text you're going to change is where it says  You need to add your own unique Blogger URL to this field. Everything else will remain the same. Copy and paste the code below, change the URL to your own and you will now have the correct code for your robot.txt file in Blogger. This will help you search results and you can now add your meta descriptions to your blog post if you chose to add your meta description at the top of the page. Below, you'll see the code that you need for your robot.txt file.
The code below will read up to 500 post. If you have more then 500 blog post, you will need to post another robot.txt file and change the 500 to 1000. You continue to increase the number by 500.
Robot.txt Code

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
A robot.txt file is important to every website, just in case you found this article by error. The search engines will now know what to search on your blog and this will help with your rankings and traffic. Hale Associations offers several different SEO services. Contact us today for a free consult and evaluation. Thanks for visiting our blog.

Friday, April 4, 2014

SEO Tips-Link Building Techniques

Link Building Techniques

Link Building Tips And Techniques
Most SEO's and Webmasters already know the importance of having a diverse link profile in regards to your link building efforts. For those you that are new or wet behind the ears, link building has become a crucial element in any SEO campaign. Every SEO, SEO Company and firm has their own opinion about link building. They have their own SEO techniques and blueprint when it comes to building links. In short, there's many different ways to build links, many different techniques that can help you build a strong linking campaign. In this article, we're going to explore different ways that you can build links in a White Hat manner.
In everything I do in terms of search engine optimization, link building is one of the hardest and most time consuming efforts. Link building has changed over the years and we saw a lot of big changes last year. You have to be careful when your building links. Google wants you build links naturally, having websites link to yours. Unfortunately, in an era where link building is so crucial to ranking, many of us can't afford to set around and wait for links.
Great Content Is Link Bait
I know this mirrors what Matt Cutts has said time and time again, but great content gets links. Link building tip one, create quality content. I did my own case study and it holds true today. Webmasters and the best known SEO's will tell you the same, high quality content is link bait. If you want to save a lot of time building links, build great content. If you're building articles with 500 words, a 2 minute video, do you think anyone is going to link to it? Not likely. Give them something to link to!
Take the time to look up your keyword for a particular article. Search for it in Google and look at the top 10 spots. These are the first page ranking websites for your keyword. Take the time to look at them. Remember, their ranking on the first page for a reason. If you look at the content on each page, you're likely to see a content count upward of 1,000 words or more. If they don't have a high word count, you best believe they have the link juice flowing.
I read an article about the average word count of top ranking pages months ago and I wish I remembered what it was called. The case study showed that articles ranking on the top of Google's first page averaged around 2,600 words per article. If that is an example, I'm not sure if you should be aiming for a minimum of 1,000 words. If you give them a great article, it will build links on its own. Don't worry about putting 300 word post out daily, go for a 2,000 word article once a week. Make it great, better then the articles that rank first page for that specific keyword choice.
Researching Competitor Links
When I first began researching competitor links, it surprised me how much easier it made link building for me. It worked so well, I made it a mandatory phase of all SEO projects. I'll be the first one to tell you, I hate link building. Link building is so time consuming, especially the research and work that it takes to put up a hopeful link back at best. Researching competitor links saved me time, money and effort. It made the whole process of link building easier and more rewarding.
In order to search competition links, you're going to need some SEO software. I prefer Hrefs because it gives you insight to a lot of different link factors. The only bad thing is the fact that this supreme SEO tool isn't free. I believe the pricing starts out at $79 a month for the smallest package. Most SEO software has some type of backlink tool or feature. WebMeUp is a good SEO software that you may wish to consider. You can find free link building reports and analysis tools out there but they won't read your entire link profile. If you can't afford a good link building tool at this time, I recommend using Google Webmaster Tools.
Once you know who your competition is linking to, you're going to be able to build similar links. Granted, you won't be able to follow their exact link structure. Still, you'll be able to research their links and you'll find some good link partners for doing so. If you can pull a link for every few links without all the time spent researching link partners, it's going to be a big benefit to you.
Link Building Broken Links
Link building by finding appropriate broken links is a great way to get high quality links. Sounds complicated and time consuming but is really not. To start, you're going to need a tool or technique to search for broken links. You want to make sure you stay within your niche since links are all about relevance today. Your job is to find broken links within your niche and area of expertise. Once you find the broken links, you can move on to the next step.
Next, you're going to need a great piece of content to replace that link. If you have a good stockpile of content, great for you. The idea is to contact the webmaster, explain that they have a broken link and offer your content as a replacement. Genius, huh! This link building technique is extremely useful and it can help you pull in some high quality links from high PR websites.  You have to remember, you need a great article to replace this link. Don't risk not getting the links with bad content.
Once you know where the broken link is and have your content ready to go, you need to contact the webmaster. You don't have to explain every detail but you don't want a weak email either. Just simply explain that you came across this link and it was broken. Tell them that you have a great article on the subject manner at hand if they wish to replace the link. Most webmasters will appreciate you telling them about the broken link and their likely to approve your link.
Link building takes time, effort and planning. Not to mention a few useful tools and an approach for building a diverse link profile. Make sure you stay within your niche and keep your link profile diverse but related. You don't want the same anchor text coming back for your links, make sure you use multiple keywords for your anchors. Hale Associations provides link building services. You're always welcome to contact us for a free evaluation and consult of your links.