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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Freelance Writing Serivces Hale Associations

Our freelance writing services will provide you with high quality articles that's sure to be reader friendly. The freelance writers at Hale Associations can write professional articles on any niche that is presented in your project. We have freelance writers all around the world, from the United States to China. Through our numerous associations, we're able to provide all our clients with a professional writer in their chosen category.

If you have a freelance writing project, be sure to contact us for a free quote. The price of your freelance writing services depends on the number of articles, writing style, length of each article, and your chosen category field. All of these will effect the price for our writing services. On average, one 500 word article will cost $3.00 and 1,000 word articles are $6.00.

Hale Associations' freelance writing services also bids on large writing projects. If you have a large writing project and you want to hire freelance writers, be sure to contact us by phone or email. If you need freelance writing services and you're working on a budget, we'll do our best to work the details out.

Hale Associations also offers freelance SEO writing services. This writing service is for any individual or corporation that needs SEO applied to their articles. Make sure you have your keyword list in full detail. We suggest that you use only 3-4 keywords per 500 words with a keyword density of 3-4%. With our experience, SEO articles perform better with these statistics.

If your interested in our freelance writing services at Hale Associations, please contact us by phone, email, or fill out the contact form on the right. Our freelance writing services covers all writing niches.

Hale Associations

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Search Engine Optimization For Beginners-Keywords-Meta Tags-Titles

Search Engine Optimization For Beginners-Using Keywords, Meta Tags, And Titles

Search engine optimization is a crucial tool to any webmaster. Having the knowledge of SEO can be the difference between success and failure. The goal of search engine optimization is to increase your search engine rankings, page rankings, build organic traffic, and create interest around your products or services. You want future customers or visitors to find your website/blog by searching through the search engines, natural traffic. The goal is to rank somewhere on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. By doing so, you'll gain customers that are looking exactly for what you have to offer. More traffic equals leads, equals sales, equal revenue, which equals profit. Remember, every visitor matters. I know Google claims 67% of all searches, however, a sale is a sale. Optimize your website for ALL search engines.

 Search Engine Optimization-Using Keywords

Using keywords properly is a major search engine optimization technique. Keywords tell the search engines what each page is about. The search engine uses these keywords to reference the value of your page or website. What's a keyword? A keyword is a word or group of words that are associated to the content of your website. For example, if you write about tattoos, tattoo would be considered a keyword. Any word or group of words related to tattoos may be considered as a keyword, such as tattoo designs, tattoo pictures, or Celtic tattoos. You want to place these keywords within your content.

If you're looking for keywords, your best tool is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to look up a specific keyword and allows you to see how many times it was searched for during a month span. Google's keyword tool will also list relevant keywords that you may wish to use. This tool explains the level of competition for the keyword also, which is ranked in three fields. Low competition, medium competition, and high competition fields display for each keyword or keyword grouping. If a specific keyword is ranked low, this means that the specific keyword is not used much. If it is ranked high, this means that the chosen keyword is used by a lot of other authors. You want your keywords to rank low because this gives you a better chance to rank for the keyword.

You want to make sure that you try your best to use a low competition keyword that gets a high number of searches. The higher the monthly searches, the better your chance is of getting ranked for the keyword. If you find a low competition keyword that only gets 100 monthly searches, it's probably not worth your time using. However, if it's ranked low with 10,000 monthly searches, you'd want to apply the keyword to your content. You can experiment with different keywords until you find keywords that work for your website/blog.

Using Keywords In Your Content

You have to be careful how you use keywords in your content. If you use to many keywords, it can hurt your website/blog rankings. Most webmasters try to keep their keyword density around 3%. So, if you wrote 100 words, you'd use your keyword 3 times. If possible, you should always try to keep it below 5%.

Placement of your keywords is also very important. Keywords should be used in your content, title, sub-titles, meta tags, and tags. Always use a keyword or keyword group in these area fields. If your keyword is "NFL Coaches," you may choose a title like "Best NFL Coaches" or "Top Ten NFL Coaches Of All Time." You want to use your keywords in your tags and sub-titles also. When Google or other search engines crawl your website/blog, your keywords are one factor that determines where you'll rank in the search engines.

When search engines crawl a page, they'll place the highest value of your content first. This means that keyword placement at the top of the page is the most important. You want to use your best keywords first. Make sure you use bold for all your keywords, which helps the search engine find your keywords easier. Now, your first sub-title or sub-heading is going to be important, so use your best keywords here. You can use the example below for a reference.

Search Engine Optimization   Sub-Title/Heading

Search engine optimization allows webmasters to rank their websites high in search engines. Using proper search engine optimization techniques can be the difference between a first page rank and not being ranked at all.  Paragraph

As you can see, all my keywords are bold. I have my keyword in the sub-title and I used multiple keywords in my paragraph. Although search engines value the content at the top, the rest of your article is still important. Make sure that you use these same search engine techniques throughout your article.

Meta Tags, Tags, Labels

Meta tags or labels are also very important. These may also be referred to as keywords. On most content websites, you'll have an area where you apply meta tags, tags, labels, or keywords. These labels are going to be the same keywords that you used and highlighted in your article. For example, refer back to the example above. Every group of keywords that I used above would be listed in the label section. Descriptions are also important. If your site offers a description option, make sure you use your keywords in it. Remember, don't over do it, too many keywords can hurt your website.

Make sure you practice with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You can find this free tool here. Google is planning on removing this tool soon, but you can access another keyword tool at Google's Webmaster Tools. If you missed our first article on search engine optimization for beginners, just click here.. Make sure you stay tuned and look for our 3rd chapter very soon.

Hale Associations offers several search engine optimization services. For a free consult, please call us at 1-304-752-3433 and hear how we can help your website. We offer freelance search engine optimization services to individuals and corporations. Call now or email for your free consult. We work around budgets and accept monthly payments! No job too big or small.

Link Building Techniques For 2014

Link building techniques for 2014 will concentrate primarily on quality backlinks. Since Google's recent changes, quality link building is more valuable then ever. Gone are the days when numerous links helped gain rankings, now, you better make sure you're building valuable links. Link farms no longer prosper, links that lead to unassociated content do harm rather then good. Do we expect the same link building techniques for 2014?

Link values are more valuable then ever. If you're building links, build for quality. My website took a decent hit when Google made algo changes. With 22,000 backlinks and 182 inbound links, my website escaped extensive damage. Many other weren't lucky and it was because they were using low quality, no value links. Can you imagine having to go through all your backlinks?

You need to make sure you check ALL your links! If someone is linking to you with a page rank of zero, you need to determine if the link is worth the value, which is absolutely nothing. You need to link to website/blogs with a page rank equal to your own. If your page rank is six, you don't need to link to a website/blog with a page rank of two. Base your links on link values. If it doesn't add link value, use your links wisely. Too many low page rank backlinks will hurt your site.

Inbound links are more crucial then ever. You need quality inbound links, which will add value to your website/blog. Think about YouTube, Flickr, Helium, Hubpages, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The higher the page rank, the better. 2014 will be all about value, valuable websites/blogs and valuable links.

Our link building services offers quality inbound links and backlinks. If you're continuing to struggle with lost rankings and lost traffic, we can help. Hale Associations can help you regain your rankings and site value. Link building is an important search engine optimization service. We'll increase your SERP rankings and help you rebuild your links. Call us today for a free consult or send us a request.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Need SEO Help For My Website/Blog

Need SEO Help For Your Website/Blog?

If your website/blog is struggling to make impressions, sales, revenue, and rankings, you need search engine optimization help. If you don't know how search optimization works or search engines, you need to hire a expert SEO. Our freelance search engine optimization expert can help your website/blog get ranked, gain traffic, gain exposure, and increase revenues.

Do I Need SEO Help For My Website/Blog?

Every website/blog has different SEO needs and different niches, no two are the same. Have you created a sitemap? Have you submitted your website/blog to search engines and directories? What is your page ranks and search engine ranks? What is your SEO score? How many inbound links does your website/blog have? How many external links do you have? This barely covers the total SEO techniques that are used to increase your search optimization.

Our Freelance Search Engine Optimization Services

Hale Associations provides freelance search engine optimization services to individuals and corporations. Our SEO pricing ranks among the best when it comes to SEO company services. We only use white hat SEO techniques, ensuring that your website/blog will never be in jeopardy during our services. What is you hire a so-called expert SEO and they use SEO techniques that hurt your website? I've seen it done, don't take that risk. You need an expert freelance SEO that knows search engine policy and guidelines.

Our freelance search engine optimization SEO services save you time and money. Our monthly SEO services start at just $500 a month, $2,200 for a full six month SEO campaign. SEO takes time, usually 4-6 months to complete a full SEO campaign. Our six month SEO campaign guarantees first page rankings for your website/blog. It included the following services;

  • Website/Blog Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Business Submissions
  • Social Profile Building
  • Link Building
  • Content Building
  • Video Building
  • Sitemap Submissions
  • Website 2.0 Building
  • Website/Blog Evaluations
  • Rank Tracker
  • And Much More...

If you're needing search engine optimization help, don't hesitate to contact us for a free consult. Did you know that there's thousands of search engines? Yes, Google search engines controls 67% of all searches, but every new customer counts. You want to exercise all possible search engine options to maximize your impressions, sales, and revenues. Call Richard Hale today at 1-304-752-3433 or contact us through email  Get a free consult today and learn exactly what Hale Associations can do for you and your business.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Search Engine Optimization For Beginners-Writing Quality Online Content


Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of gaining maximum traffic by ensuring that a website, web page, or blog remains high on a search engine list. There are numerous search engine optimization techniques that can be used to obtain traffic and high ranks. Google is the most powerful search engine in the world. Due to this, most SEOs based their SEO techniques on Google's search engine requirements. Google offers a very detailed document on SEO optimization, which can be viewed here.

How important is search engine optimization to a website or blog? I actually get this question a lot, but in simple terms, it's priceless! Proper SEO techniques will increase your traffic, page ranks, and search engine ranks. The key, you need to find which search engine optimization tactics work best for your website.


Writing quality online content is a very important technique used for search engine optimization. Your website or blog needs to be useful to your visitors. It doesn't matter if you are selling products, services, or writing useful information. You want your traffic to find value in your online content. If your website or blog is useful, Google will index your content. You want to make sure that your online content is valuable to your visitors.

For example, my website offers freelance SEO services. Yes, most of my online content is about our SEO optimization services. However, if all my content was only about the SEO services at Hale Associations, my blog would never grow. Instead, we provide are visitors with tips and useful information about SEO. If you're only providing online content about your services and products, you're not going to see high rankings.

In short, if your offering products or services, give your visitor useful online content. If you're selling products, try writing reviews about them. Explain how each product can better their life or situation. Don't just list products with a small title or description. If you're offering services, explain how your services can help others. Writing quality content about tips and ideas about your services, give free advice to your visitors.


The Google search engine is constantly crawling the internet, looking for new online content 24 hours a day. If your new to search engine optimization, try making sure that you publish one or two articles a day. Google's search engine loves fresh quality content and this can help your website or blog rank much faster. Don't just write to put content on the internet, remember, you want quality online content.

If you're writing new content daily, make sure that your linking all your web pages together. The more relative links that you have, the higher a web page can rank. Building quality links is an important SEO technique. We'll discuss this more on the second page. A link or hyperlink is a reference to a related domain or web page that the reader can directly follow. In simple terms, a link is road that leads to specific information. As I mentioned earlier, we'll discuss links in detail in later pages.


  • Search Engine Optimization defined
  • The Importance of quality online content
  • The Value of daily quality content

In the next chapter, we'll begin to discuss titles, subtitles, tags, meta tags, and keywords. Thank you for taking the time to learn about SEO and visit our blog. Although we provide search engine optimization services, we try our best to teach you proper white hat SEO techniques, tips, and ideas. If you need freelance SEO services, be sure to contact us for a free consult. Thanks again.

Search Engine Optimization-Knowing The Search Engines


If you're searching for search engine optimization services, you already know how important it is for your website or blog. You're looking for a knowledgeable trustworthy SEO that's reasonable and skilled, right? You want an expert SEO that solely uses white hat SEO techniques, one that's aware of search engine procedures, policies, and guidelines. Many SEOs fail to perceive SEO, particularly freelance SEOs. That's not the case at Hale Associations, we known our policies and guidelines, hopefully your SEO does conjointly. You're looking for a search engine expert that offers affordable quality SEO services, correct? If so, we have you coated.


Richard Hale has been providing freelance search engine optimization services for six years. Richard has helped thousands of individuals and corporations increase traffic, page ranks, and search engine ranks. I solely use up-to-date SEO techniques, follow up-to-date search engine guidelines. Unlike other SEO firms, I use on page/off page SEO techniques based on the evaluation of your website or blog. One set of SEO techniques will work for one website but not the opposite, in fact, using the wrong search engine optimization techniques will hurt your website. If you want to learn Google guidelines for yourself, simple click here.


Every website and blog has special desires when it comes to search engine optimization, based on SEO alone. One website may need more content whereas others may need link building. Some websites may need a sitemap, another may have a link to a foul website. My point, every website and blog has different needs, a key proven fact that Hale Associations values. There's numerous factors to consider when you're applying SEO techniques, both on page and off page. One wrong SEO technique will hurt your website, causing a drop in traffic and rankings. Most people prefer freelance SEOs because it saves them money, but you want to make sure you have a contract SEO that's aware of what their doing.


I personally provide freelance search engine optimization to individuals and companies. I've studied SEO for six years and I continue to study daily. Search engine optimization is dynamical and if you don't keep up with the changes, you can hurt someone's website. Any expert SEO will tell you that SEO takes time, usually months. It takes three months alone for page rank updates and months for search engine updates. A quick tip, if you're website doesn't have a sitemap, get one. This will help your website rank quicker on Google and the bots can find your pages quicker, plus you can get indexed.


We want to provide your search engine optimization SEO services. We provide freelance SEO services only, white hat SEO techniques, 30+ SEO techniques in total. Our six month SEO campaign is only $2,199.99, which is a fair price for the services that'll be rendered. For more details on pricing and services, please call 1-304-752-3433 or email Richard Hale at  If you select our services or not, if you're going freelance, make sure they are qualified to do the work. Anyone can say that their a expert SEO, I always ask for proof. Thanks for reading!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Search Engine Rankings 2013

When it comes to the most powerful search engines in the world, Google remains at the top. The summer search engine rankings are in and Google controlled 66.7% of all global searches. Microsoft websites were ranked 2nd with 17.4%. Yahoo rounded out the top 3 search engine rankings with 11.9%. Google, Bing, and Yahoo remain the top 3 powerhouse search engines. Ask Network was 4th with 2.7% of the search engine rank while AOL, Inc. finished at 1.3%.

In May of 2013, Google received 13.4 billion explicit core searches while Microsoft ended with 3.5 billion. The May total for global explicit core searches was 20 billion. So, why is this important? Although Google has been the lead dog with global searches, this information is relevant. As a expert SEO, I know I want my client to rank on Google before Microsoft and Yahoo. Yahoo and Microsoft's core searches together are only 5.9 billion. Google totaled in at 13.4 billion. Due to this, I will follow Google's search engine policies.

Each search engine determines search engine ranks based on their specific search engine policies and procedures. If you're new to SEO or you want to do your own search engine optimization, you need to read this document from Google. This will give you a basic idea of how search engine optimization works. I know everyone can't afford expert SEO services.

If I follow Google's guidelines for SEO optimization, I can give my client more traffic by ranking them on Google. There's nothing wrong with a Bing and Yahoo ranking, but Google is getting way more traffic. If you concentrate on Microsoft and Yahoo search engine policies, it's going to be a waste of time. If you're wanting to rank a website or blog, do it on Google.

Source: Comscore  Search engine optimization services provided by Richard Hale SEO. Affordable freelance search engine optimization. Call us for a free consult now, 1-304-752-3433 or send an email to 

Video Proof Of SEO Results From One Client

Search Engine Optimization For Small Business

Our Freelance Services

Complete Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization For Small Business

If you're a small business that wants to expand, more then likely, you have thought about getting SEO services. You are probably still pondering on the idea, wondering if search engine optimization is worth the cost. As you're probably well aware of, search engine optimization services can be quite costly. Is SEO services worth thousands? Small businesses operate on small budgets. I know that a few thousand dollars is a lot of money, but there is a solution, there is another way.

Why get an expert SEO? Small business or large business, search engine optimization is crucial to all websites. Everyone wants readers, traffic, customers, and clients. For many of us, this is how we make our living. If no clients or customers can find your website, what good is it doing you? If they can find your blog or social profile, how is it benefitting you? Until your SEO optimized, your website or blog will remain on an island.

What are the benefits of SEO to your small business? First, you're website will begin to climb the ranks. Search engine optimization is going to increase your natural traffic or organic traffic. Also, you're going to see higher rankings and higher search engine rankings. Our SEO techniques include building blogs, building social profiles, making videos, and creating online content. Quality online content still remains one of the top SEO techniques used.

Richard Hale and Hale Associations provides freelance search engine optimization services and freelance web design. We can take your small business to the next level. We provide quality SEO services at a freelance price. Our freelance services are only $499.99 a month, $2,199.99 for a full 6 month SEO campaign. With Hale Associations, you can pay monthly for our services. If your small business doesn't have a website, we can build your professional website. We offer contracts so your money is always protected with us.

Our SEO services will bring you new traffic, new clients, new customers, new sales, and profits. This is your opportunity to promote your business to the world. This is the chance to grow your small business into a global business within a few short months. This is the opportunity to sell your products and services to the world. All our services are freelance so you'll always pay a freelance price, but you'll always receive professional services. We want your small business to succeed, we want your small business to grow. Grow your small business with Hale Associations.  Search engine optimization and expert SEO services. Hale Associations provides a variety of freelance SEO services. Our search engine optimization services are currently 50% off. Search optimization that brings in more traffic, higher page ranks, and higher search engine ranks. Free consults, pay affordable monthly search engine optimization services.  We provide freelance services, such as search engine optimization, web design, link building, social marketing, and more. If you're interested in our freelance services, please email us with your name, contact number/email, and project details. We'll answer within a few hours, you won't be charged. Free consults. Or call 1-304-752-3433

Video Proof Of SEO Campaign

Our Privacy Policy

Our Search Engine Optimization

Friday, August 2, 2013

Search Engine Optimization-Hale Associations

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is very important to all websites, blogs, and web pages. Without proper SEO company services, many internet companies struggle to gain natural traffic. You need search engine optimization SEO services to increase your traffic, web page ranks, and your search engine rankings. You need an expert SEO to apply search optimization techniques to your website or blog. Without search engine optimization tools and techniques, you're website will never compete within its respective field. SEO services allow you to gain natural traffic that can last for years to come.

Hale Associations offers freelance SEO services to all webmasters, individuals, and companies. We use search engine optimization SEO services that rank your website high, resulting in more natural traffic to your website or blog. Our web designers and SEO experts can modify your site and apply on page SEO techniques to increase your search engine optimization. We'll build your website with links, quality content, videos, and social media profiles, all included in our SEO campaigns.

SEO company services and search optimization can cost your or your business $20,000 or more. Some of the best SEO services cost upward of $80 an hour or more. This is why most companies and webmasters seek freelance SEO services. Freelance SEO services offer the same SEO services as SEO firms and can deliver the same results. Our SEO optimization services are affordable, we accept monthly payments and we'll work with your budget. Our expert SEO's will provide you with immediate search engine optimization, increasing your traffic and rankings daily.

Hale Associations' optimization services are offered hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly. We offer full search engine optimization campaigns of 6 months and 12 months. All of our search optimization services are currently 50% off, so contact us now for a free consult, see what we can do for you and your business. Our expert SEO staff will be glad to assist you or your company

To contact SEO manager Richard Hale, please call 1-304-752-3433 or send an email to  Get competitive SEO Services now!