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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Best SMM Tips-How To Gain Twitter Followers

How To Gain Twitter Followers


If you're looking to gain more Twitter followers, here you'll find some of the best SMM tips for Twitter. If you're new to social media marketing techniques and general social media marketing (SMM), each social media community is different. Some social media marketing strategies can work for one social platform while others will not. If you're planning to start a social media marketing campaign, you should base your plan on your specific niche and the type of social website you plan to market on. An important tip to remember.

Twitter is a very popular social media website and it's a popular platform for SMM. Nearly all the major companies in the world have a Twitter account. Most of them promote and reach out to their fans and customers daily. Twitter and other social media websites give you the opportunity to interact on a personal level, a whole new feel to customer experience. If you plan on a SMM campaign on Twitter or any other social media accounts, daily interaction is important.

Twitter is considered to be a major social media network. Although not widely used as Facebook, don't be surprised to see Twitter surpass Facebook in the near future. You can use Twitter in a variety of different ways and our SMM tips will help you gain Twitter followers and grow your Twitter network.

Following Other Twitter Accounts

When you first start out on Twitter, you'll have the opportunity to follow some of the most popular Twitter accounts. Afterward, you'll have complete access to Twitter once you confirm your email. If you're creating a new Twitter account, you're going to need to follow others. Now, can you follow anyone? Sure. Is that a smart choice? No. You should be careful who you choose to follow. If you're promoting a business, who you follow can have some effects on your business and the way people view your business. If you're out to get as many followers as you can, you may suggest following a bunch of people.

One SMM tip about following others is keeping within your niche. If you own a business on home furniture, you should try to follow writers, bloggers or leading professionals in within your niche. This is important starting out, not as important with older accounts. Be careful not to follow your competition, right? This SMM tip is useful because some of those you follow will follow you back. Not only that, it's possible that they may even retweet your tweet to their followers. If they have 20K followers, your tweet has a high potential of being view a lot of times, possibly retweeted again.

Another social media marketing tip about following Twitter accounts is to follow accounts that do have a lot of followers. Again, this gives your tweets a great chance to be seen. Some of the people that you follow will follow you back. Getting them to retweet your tweets is another story. If you do show your support by retweeting, you have a higher chance of them supporting you. Take the time to retweet and support others, some will return the favor.

Keeping your reputation in mind, one of the quickest ways to gain followers is by asking others to follow you. You can write on your profile "Will Follow Back" and this will help you gain quick followers. If you follow others that follow you, this will also help you gain followers. Always try to support those who support you. You don't have to and again, keep your reputation in mind. However, if you want quick and easy followers on Twitter, this is a great way.

Another SMM technique you can use to gain quick followers is the follow back hash tag. Hash tags are used as keywords, the Twitter search engine uses an algorithm to find relevant hash tags. It's similar to the Google search engine and SEO. If you use your hash tags in your tweets such as #FollowBack or #WeFollowBack, you're going to get a lot of quick followers.

ReTweeting Tweets To Gain Followers

This SMM strategy is very effective in gain new followers. In most cases, if you're retweeting other tweets and supporting others, you have a good chance they'll do the same for you. It's suggested that you target Twitter accounts that have a high level of followers, but this article is how to gain Twitter followers, not how to market in Twitter. When you take the time to send out retweets, it's appreciated. In return, many will retweet your tweet and others will choose to follow you. It's an effective SMM technique to gain Twitter followers.

Be thankful and appreciative to your followers. Show them all that you care and appreciate them taking the time to follow you and retweet your tweets. You can do this by sending a tweet out with their account on it. You can say what you would like, but a simple thank you for following would be fine. Some will do the exact same for you, so it's a smart SMM technique to use. Don't be surprised to gain a few followers per tweet when you use this SMM method.

As you may or may not know, you'll end up seeing a lot of accounts promoting "how to get followers." If you've noticed, most of these Twitter accounts have a lot of followers. They commonly use the #FollowBack or #GetFreeFollowers hash tags. Again, if you're looking to gain a lot of Twitter followers, this is a great way to do it. If you have your reputation in mind and you don't want your social accounts to look like spam, you may not want to use this method.

Gaining Twitter Followers

As you can see, there's a lot of different SMM tips and techniques to gain Twitter followers. There's even more when you get into the specifics of marketing in Twitter, which we'll cover later. You do want to be careful how you choose to gain Twitter followers. Never pay for Twitter followers, you don't have to. If you use these SMM tips for Twitter, you won't have too. In the end, it will be a waste of time, money and effort.

It's important to have as many Twitter followers as you can. Most people that use Twitter use it to promote their services, products or their work. Always be careful what you post also. Always keep your business in mind as well. Thanks for taking the time to read our article on gaining Twitter followers. At Hale Associations, we do offer social media marketing services. If you need your business, products or services promoted on Twitter or other social accounts, be sure to give us a call!
Hale Associations also offers web development services such as SEO and web design. Get a free quote and evaluation today!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Search Engine Optimization Techniques For 2014


Search Engine Optimization or (SEO), we all need it so you should take this opportunity to learn it. Search engine optimization techniques are used to rank your website higher on Google and other major search engines. We use SEO techniques to bring in more organic traffic and to rank for keywords. Web development has to include SEO, right? In 2013, Google handed down algorithm updates that changed the landscape of SEO forever. The biggest adjustments were focused on links, which is one of the biggest ranking factors. In the same year, thin content was weeded out making the demand for high quality content even more important. Knowing what we know now, how do we plan to use search engine optimization in 2014?

Writing Quality Lengthy Content

Content has always been important in terms of SEO and ranking. There hasn't always been a need to write lengthy content. A high quality article with a few hundred words and a good link could rank high in early 2013. Now, content needs to have both quality and length. I ran my own personal experiment in late 2013 with content over 1,000 words and content below 1,000 words. I never published any articles below 700 words. Keep in mind, all of the content was associated, within the same subject. I equally used keywords in all 10 articles. I gave each article 6 months to perform, this gave them plenty of time in searches. I used the same valued links on all 10 articles.

Every article with lengthy high quality content performed better. This including higher rankings and high traffic. Without a doubt, my content with 1,000 words or more performed better then my articles below 1,000. All 5 articles below 1,000 were aimed around 800 words. You wouldn't think 200 words would make a difference but it did. The 5 articles above 1,000 words ranged from 1,050-1,350 words. There's no possible way to run a test like this and get 100% validation due to outside forces I have no control over, but I believe I reached 80% to say the least.

Writing quality content is and will remain one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Don't get lazy on your content, on yourself. Don't publish content to keep your blog updated. Don't throw in filler content to get to 1,000 words. You don't need every article to be 1,000 words, this is impossible. However, you do want to write as many words as you can without making your article boring. You still need to apply your keywords to each article, including your title, headings, descriptions and Metadata. Be unique with your content and make it useful to others. If you're just starting out with a website or blog, content is going to help you rank and develop your website. If I had to say a cut-off, you should strive for 500-600 words to be safe, but never below 400.

Link Building Techniques

Link building has been a longtime search engine optimization technique and it's a very important one to say the least. As for SEO, link building techniques have seen some big changes over the years, none more then 2013. If you were a link builder in 2013, you either saw a bonus or you were fired. Google came down hard on links in 2013 and these algorithms have changed the landscape of link building forever. Very few webmasters saw their ranks stay steady. Many crumbled under the new linking laws, never to be heard of again. Others were more fortunate while some even saw increased rankings. It was a busy year for SEOs and link builders in 2013 and their importance in 2014 will only increase.

Most SEOs know that Google wants natural link building. Does this mean that I have to quit finding link partners? Absolutely not. Getting a high valued link is one of the quickest SEO techniques to increase your rankings. In fact, your encouraged to find linking partners. However, there's a few rules you need to follow. We'll say you have a blog about baking. You've been writing on your blog for a year and Google has rewarded you with a PR2. Even with the valued PR, you're still not ranking your keywords on page one. You decide that a little more link juice will put you over the top. You find a website that has a PR6 and you're in luck, their selling links! You check your bank account and you have enough money to buy one! Problem solved, right? In a few weeks, you're sure to get first page rankings.

After a few weeks past, you see your rankings drop. Why? Come to find out, that PR6 website is a link building website that has no association to baking. Get the point? If you're going to build links, what ever technique you may use, you have to keep them associated. If you have a SEO website, you don't want to be linking to websites that are not associated to search engine optimization. This no longer works. 2013 changed link building techniques forever. Link building is still very important. You also have to keep an eye on who is linking to you now. Don't go on in 2014 without checking your links.

Over the years, I've found that writing quality online content is the easiest way to build links. Make your content useful to others. Again, don't write about anything and everything. If you write high quality articles or post, others will link to it naturally. Everyone is an expert at something. It doesn't matter if you're writing about the weather or art, make sure your content is useful. When the time comes to build links, make sure their website and content is associated to yours. This also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, perhaps generating new business depending on what you do.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing? What are you talking about? Social media marketing or SMM is becoming an important search engine optimization technique. We saw this in 2013 as SMM is now a ranking factor in the search engine equation. I've been saying I for years, SEO and SMM play hand in hand. Why would SMM play more of a role in search engine optimization? SMM ranks trends, what's hot and what's not. Everyone uses some type of social platform. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn. The point, social media channels are still growing. All the major social media platforms have search engines. With more and more authority figures moving toward social media, it's likely to see an increased value in 2014 and beyond.

Your social network will be an important search engine optimization technique. You need to make sure your social channels are active, useful and updated. Will we see this change in 2014? It's very likely. It may take longer but I'm quite sure that SMM will play a much larger role in the near future. Remember, all of these social platforms are relatively young. They've only been around for a few years and they just recently became part of the search engine equation. As they become more needing and valued, you're going to want to make sure you're are adding to your social authority and value.

Just like it always does, most search engine optimization techniques will stay the same or similar. Something is likely to come along and change during the new year, but SEO is alive and well. If you haven't took the time to learn SEO or your wet behind the ears, learn as much as you can. Every successful website and online business has to have SEO. As more and more content is published, everyday that passes, it gets tougher to rank your keywords. There's plenty of trusted content and videos on SEO and search engine optimization techniques. Read, watch and learn.

Richard Hale is CEO and founder of Hale Associations, providing freelance web development services such as SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, and PPC.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hale SMM & Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing 101
I wanted to take the time to talk about Hale SMM & Marketing and the different services that we can provide you or your business. I've been an SEO and SMM for nearly 7 years now. SMM or "Social Media Marketing," is a great way to market your products or services. Social Media Marketing has a ton of great benefits. At Hale SMM & Marketing, we use multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, and many more. As you'll see, Social Media Marketing can take your business to the next level.
What are the benefits of SMM? Social Media Marketing allows you to grow your network and community. Since social exposure does play a role in SEO, it's important to have active social channels. Marketing on Facebook and all the larger social platforms gives you an opportunity to interact with fans and potential customers. People want to know that your company or business cares about them. Customer service is crucial to any business. That aspect can be equally true when it comes to interaction on your social platforms.
Social Media Marketing is important to Web Development. On Facebook, customers are able to like, share and comment on your page. On Twitter, your post can be chosen as a favorite or retweeted. On Google+, fans are able to include you in circles, comment and share This interaction is important. Not only that, each post you make can create links that point back to your website or where needed. On Pinterest, this linking system can give value to your links, which is also important per SEO.
How often do I need to post? All of your social accounts should be promoted and marketed daily. For some, this may be difficult, especially if you have 10 social platforms to promote every day. At Hale SMM & Marketing, we promote your social channels daily. Not only that, we promote and post multiple times a day. Each link should include a useful URL pointing back to your services, products or useful information.
Is SMM expensive? Hale SMM & Marketing can usually handle multiple social accounts for around $100 a week. If you're looking for SEO, SMM is included in all SEO packages. All our services are freelance services. Professional companies can charge more or less. Your total cost for SMM services depends on your budget and how many social accounts have to be managed. The more accounts you have, the higher the cost.
What if I don't have social accounts? Hale SMM & Marketing can build all your social platforms for you. Again, the total cost depends on the amount of social platforms being built. The benefits of SMM services outweighs your cost or initial investment. Studies have shown that social marketing and customer service can work hand in hand. You just need to make sure that you're being active daily and interacting with customers.
Make sure that your social accounts are "useful." There has to be value to your social media accounts. If your social accounts offer no value to fans or customers, they won't develop correctly. This can be reviews of your products, useful content about your services or some type of free prize for interaction. Use your imagination, you have to draw interest with useful techniques. You should care about growing all your social networks. Hale SMM & Marketing can develop and maintain all your social accounts. If you're interested in our services or you have any questions, please be sure to leave us a comment. Thanks for your continued support and I hope this article was beneficial to you.
Richard Hale