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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Free Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Google+ And More

Free Facebook Likes And Twitter Followers
Free Likes, Followers, Circles, Shares And More

Social media marketing has become an important aspect of SEO and general marketing. Social metrics now have a value. SMM gives you the opportunity to grow your network, interact with customers, generate leads and promote your business. If you're a new company or have a new social platform, that can be easier said then done. Many people have a budget that allows them to either pay someone for their social media marketing or they pay for SMM signal themselves. What happens if you don't have money to grow your social platforms? Now, you have an option and it's absolutely free.

AddMeFast allows you to grow your social networks easy and fast. With a little work, time and effort, you'll be able to grow your social community in no time. All you have to do is like or follow another page and they'll like or follow you back. It's real simple. AddMeFast is one of the largest social exchange websites in the world. It has a massive load of traffic. You get points each time you like or follow another. In return, you use the points you earn to get likes and follows for your webpages.

AddMeFast has several options for Facebook. You can gain Facebook likes, free shares and free followers. On Twitter, you can gain free followers, get free retweets, free favorites and free tweets. AddMeFast doesn't stop there, you'll also find services for Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Sound Cloud and others.

As I said before, AddMeFast is absolutely free, it won't cost you anything to start growing your social network for free. They do have paid options. You can get unlimited points for a few hundred dollars a week. Sounds expensive but you can get a lot done with this package. If you don't have money, just use the free account. If you complete 20 actions, you get a daily bonus of 150 points. This is a great SMM tool for new websites, businesses or online accounts. Check it out here!

SEO Guide For Beginners

SEO Guide For Beginners
Search Engine Optimization For Beginners
Learning SEO can be a challenge, especially for those who don't know much about the internet and SEO terminology. Search engine optimization is crucial to all websites that want to be successful. Without SEO, you'll get lost in between millions of websites on the world wide web. Where do you start though? For beginners, you can start learning SEO from the guide below. Just follow the link and learn search engine optimization and begin to increase your rankings today.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Affordable SEO Services

High Quality SEO Services At An Affordable Price
When it comes to SEO, it's no secret, every website needs it to be successful. Search engine optimization is how you make a website succeed, without it, your lost at seas with millions of other websites. As a business and company, if you don't know SEO, you're at a disadvantage. You have two choices, you either learn SEO or you hire a SEO company, firm or freelancer. How do you know where to go? Do you get what you pay for? Should you hire a SEO firm or a freelancer SEO. IF you don't know, you may risk your website and business.
I spent most of my time through the years as a freelance SEO. I spent 5 years as a freelancer, learning from other SEOs, working for hundreds of companies during that time. When I founded Hale Associations, we started from the bottom. In the past few years, we've grown at a great rate and our reputation is great. In my line of work, reputation is everything and it has been the main aspect of our new customers.
Over 50 percent of the clients we take on have already had SEO services and bad at that. They took a risk, hired someone they didn't know and left their website in worse shape then they had prior. There's nothing worse then going behind and cleaning up such a mess. I'm sure other SEOs can relate. You have enough resources these days to find a quality SEO company, agent or freelancer. It's called Google my friend. Although you can find everything, this can give you a good general idea of what a company can do for you.
I know some SEOs companies that charge thousands of dollars a month, up to $5000 and more. More then likely, these companies are all automated and have software doing the job. Back in the days, this type of SEO was effective. Some is still today but you risk your website in the process. Google will eventually notice and you could lose your business and a lot of money. My point, just because a big company charges you more doesn't mean that their services are any better then the next Joe in line.
The great thing about blogs is the fact that many SEO companies and experts have one. This is where we promote our services, offer advice and tips, among other things. Personally, I don't write about SEO much because I don't want to give away my techniques and secrets. However, I don't care to help others out. I assume many others are in relation with that statement, we don't like showcasing the total package. Even so, you can get a good read on them and their talent just by reading their blog post.
Most people choose to go through a freelancer to save time and money. Unfortunately, this can be a risk as well. Again, it is your job and responsibility to research your freelancer, see if they have reviews or case studies. Ask for past references or projects. Schedule an interview and ask questions. There's enough competition out there for you to get quality services at an affordable price. Take the time, get a notebook and begin your search.
At Hale Associations, I always ask others to take the time to review our work, reviews and portfolio. You don't have to go through a major SEO company to get high quality SEO results. You don't have to go through a freelancer to get affordable SEO services. There's plenty of companies and experts out there that offer the best of both worlds.
I apologize for the late blog post. We're continuing to grow and we're moving our blog to a new domain, Hale Web Development. Our blog here will remain operational and you'll be able to access our new blog from here also. I want to personally think everyone for taking the time to read our blog and thanks for sharing our work. We're still offering all our web development services and still offer free quotes and evaluations. Don't hesitate to give me or the team a call. Thanks again!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Every SEO Needs Software And Tools

SEO Software

The Right SEO Software And Tools

Every webmaster needs to know aspects of SEO in now and beyond. If you don't know SEO or you don't have a SEO working for you, it's going to be tough to take your business or website where it needs to be. Having the right tools and software makes a huge difference in performance. If you can't track and analyze your data, you won't know where to focus your effort. On top of that, you'll be shooting in the dark.
Above, you'll see the SEO software that we use, WebMeUp. Not only do we operate WebMeUp, we also use Google Webmaster Tools, Hrefs and Moz. Trust me, you can't never have enough tools. I know how tough it is to afford your software, I was in those shoes before. However, you have to invest in tools. Google Webmaster and Google Analytics are great but they only get you so far. If you're not aware of these tools, their both free. If you don't have the money to invest, Webmaster and Analytics will certainly get you going. You can track SEO related data and user behavior data, both very important.
Again, if you don't have the right tools, how can you get the job done right? Think about that for a moment. Can you take an engine out of your truck without the right tools? Absolutely not. You may be able to get so far but you can't complete he job. If you have SEO clients, you obviously want to offer them the best services possible, right? Your clients deserve that, invest in the tools and resources you need. It's going to make your life as a SEO easier also.
Let's talk about WebMeUp. I'm not an affiliate with WebMeUp, they don't even have an affiliate program. It's just great software for SEO, including link building. I've been doing SEO for 7 years and I know SEO software can be expensive. On top of that, you have very little options with added features and prices. With WebMeUp, you do have options and quite a few. Basic options start at only $19.99 a month. You can customize your software features to your needs.
Below, you'll find my review on WebMeUp and exactly why I'm so enthusiastic about their software.