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Monday, January 5, 2015

SEO Predictions For 2015

SEO In 2015 And The Future Of SEO

Another year of big changes and the continued evolution of search engine optimization. 2015 is here and we may just see the biggest change in SEO ever in 2015. SEO predictions are blanketing the landscape like a fresh coat of snow, so we thought we would give our own SEO predictions for 2015.

One thing that I continue to see and read is Google's actions to cut spam out of the ranking equation. You likely know what I'm referring to, "links." Links have been a longtime element of high search engine rankings. In recent years though, links are becoming less of a factor and this is due to spam link building tactics.

We're seeing social signals, user experience and brand mentions becoming more of a part of search engine optimization ranking factors. Links continue to give less and less value as the years pass, but don't get it twisted, links are still a strong ranking factor. While the end results have always been focused around the user, SEO hasn't always been that way. And as social signals represent trusting rank factors that are less likely to be manipulated, it appears Google is thinking in the same manner.

After careful analysis, case studies and hours of research, SEO expert Richard Hale has complied the top 10 SEO predictions for 2015. In this article, you'll learn how Richard came to his predictions and what you need to be prepared for to see success in 2015.

Top SEO Predictions For 2015

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